Nordunet3 is a joint program of the Joint Committee of the Nordic Natural Science Research Councils (NOS-N), NordForsk, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and NORDUnet A/S

Nordunet3 Project Proposals Selected

April 2006

The Nordunet3 Programme is pleased to announce that six project proposals have been accepted by the programme, following the October 2005 call for applications.

The six projects are:

  1. PI: Iver Thysen, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences.

The six projects were selected from 24 excellent project applications. The project grants awarded are for a total of 27 M.DKK over a periode of four years; a total of 150 M.DKK was applied for. The selection was made by the Nordunet3 Steering Committee based on recommendations from an international panel of referees.