About Nordunet3

Nordunet3 - A Nordic Internet Research Program

Nordunet3 is a four-year thematic Internet research program, sponsoring research into technologies crucial for the implementation and utilization of the next generation internet. Nordunet3 will sponsor a number of research projects and aims to strenghten collaboration in Nordic internet research and its international impact.

Nordunet3 is a joint program of the Joint Committee of the Nordic Natural Science Research Councils (NOS-N), NordForsk, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and NORDUnet A/S. Nordunet3 runs 2006-2009 and has an annual budget of 1 M.EUR.

NORDUnet A/S is the Program Coordinator. If you have questions about Nordunet3, feel free to contact Lars Fischer, at NORDUnet.

Nordunet3 is open for project applications until 15 October 2005.