Nordunet3 Project Applications

The Application Process

To apply for project support from the Nordunet3 programme, you should form a project consortium. The consortium should include paricipants from at least two Nordic countries. The project consortium should aim to undertake a well-defined project with a number of deliverables, and may apply for funding for scientific staff, Ph.D. students, and support staff. In addition, limited support for experimental equipment may be provided.

The detailed requirements for a project application, the criteria used to evaluate a project application, and a detailed description of the activities that may be supported by the Nordunet3 programme, can all be found in the Nordunet3 Programme Memorandum and the Instructions for Applicants. These two documents can be found under the Guidelines and Forms menu.

Under the Guidelines and Forms menu you will also find two forms: the Nordunet3 Application Form and the Detailed Budget Form. These two forms should be completed and submitted along with a project research plan, C.V.'s, etc. The submission deadline is 15 October 2005. The details are in the Instructions for Applicants document.

Once the submission deadline has expired, the applications will be evaluated by an international expert panel. The Nordunet3 Steering Committee will use the recommendations of the expert panel when deciding which project will be supported. The final decision will be taken by the Steering Committee.

The project selection will be finished in December 2005. It is expected that projects awarded support can start in January 2006.